DIY Painted Christmas Cookies


We made dozens and dozens of sugar cookies, frosted white, for our class that cold winter day.  Just before six, moms started filing into our store with kids in tow for a class, “How to Paint Cookies.”

We had four or five cookies for each child to paint.  They painted them with food colors and brushes just like with watercolors.

There was one bright little girl, maybe six years old, in a beautiful white coat with nylon shell and a hood with a fringed ruff.  Soon she was deeply engaged in painting cookies.  And soon, the whole front of her coat was covered in pink and blue and purple–mostly pink.

A couple weeks later, I saw her mom in the store.

“How did that food color work on your daughter’s coat?”

“It came right out.”

Interesting.  So that’s another reason to paint with food colors.

You can paint cookies to make wonderful decorations for Christmas or holidays.  It’s simple using food colorings.  And since they are painted with edible paint, you can eat those creations that you don’t keep.


Here’s How to Paint Cookiesmorecookies

Bake your sugar cookies or other flat, smooth cookies according to the recipe or mix directions.  The surface will be porous; you can’t paint directly on it.  So you will need to cover the surface with a hard shelled frosting, usually a frosting with meringue powder added to create a smooth, firm surface.

On the frosted surface, bright colors and crisp lines are painted using undiluted liquid food coloring or a barely diluted color gel. If you are using liquids, dip the tip of the paint brush right in the food coloring bottle.  If you are using gel colors, mix a little gel with a few drops water to reach the right consistency.  Since gels are nine times more concentrated, they work much than the water based colors.  Simple water color brushes work well. They’re inexpensive, you can buy them in different widths, and they clean up with hot water.

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Pancake Recipes | Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes from a Mix


Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are one of my favorite weekend recipes. After a morning of sleeping in and relaxing, they’re the perfect breakfasts to scoop on to the griddle while I spend time with my family. They fill you up, and there are so many creative pancake recipes to try.

Lately—maybe once a week—I’ve been eating banana pancakes for breakfast, whole grain banana pancakes.  I’m simply mashing one small banana and mixing it with 3/4 cup of “Ancient Grain” pancake mix.  And loving it.  I like those ancient grain pancakes anyway.  They’re nutty and, with amaranth, quinoa, and teff, they have substance.  I thought maybe they would tend to fall apart with all those grains and banana too.  It seems that the banana actually helps hold them together.  I just mash the banana with a fork in a bowl and then add the mix and water.

Because I mash the banana with a fork, there are little clumps of banana in mix but with all the whole grains, it’s hardly noticeable.  If I were adding bananas to say, a buttermilk pancake mix, I might puree the bananas and then mix them.

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Banana Pie Pancakes


Mashed bananas are not the only way to go; slice them instead.  To make Banana Pie Pancakes, cook the  pancakes, put a layer of Bavarian cream between the layers of pancakes and sliced bananas on the Bavarian cream.  Drizzle with some cream or caramel syrup.

So, if you’re looking for a fun twist to put on your pancake recipe, bananas are the way to go! You can do so much with them, and you get to sneak in a yummy fruit too.